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Weekly updates

This might just be the most memorable thing you see today…

Take a good look at yourself… You got a glance of Kim’s badonkadonk and now you’re all riled up in a cyclone of celebrity soft-core… a sneaky pic of Emma Watson with what appears to be a new set of mammary implants is just what you needed to keep this train-a-running isn’t it… you sick bastard.


If so, then you’re probably a pretty dissatisfied customer right about now, unless of course, you’re Imgur user RustleCrow who wasted little time in explaining… “I have the most normal boner right now.”

Spoiler alert: as much as we wish this was real, it’s most definitely a fake (watch the hair).

Silicon masks already have a pretty bad rep after Ryan Gosling decided to put one on whilst peeping through people’s windows and Johnny Knoxville lost his shit in a diner somewhere in central America.

If this gif guarantees anything, it’s that we’ll never look at Miss Granger nor Gloria the same way, at least not for a couple of days.