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An Alaskan news reporter is now dedicating her life to legalising marijuana after quitting live on TV. KTVA reporter, Charlo Greene (appropriate surname), was doing a live segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club when she announced in a dramatic twist of fate… she is the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. *Gasp* Wow. Such cliche. So drama. If only she had a mic to drop.

After severing any possibility of working on mainstream TV ever again, Greene is hosting an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise money in aid of converting her fellow Alaskans to the dark side (read: the fun side). The fundraiser gained heaps of traction, and she has already passed her goal of $5000 with over 160 funders by her side.

“Few people fighting for marijuana legalization in Alaska are as media savvy, well educated on the marijuana industry, passionate, professional and completely dedicated to passing this initiative as me, the only person in Alaska that has had the balls to face the injustice of Alaska’s medical marijuana catch-22 and do something about it. My Alaska Cannabis Club members are right here with me, ready to fight this long overdue fight.” You go, girl!

I just hope she’s careful, weed is a “gateway drug”, after all. I can almost see it already…



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