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Ah, Guitar Hero. I have fond memories of spending hours sitting in my friend’s lounge room trying my hardest to tap the right buttons in time with the classic rock tracks on easy while my mates spent hours perfecting the timing on the hardest tracks in the game.

If you’re down for a nostalgia trip with a new twist, 2015 is seeing the return of the Guitar Hero franchise with Guitar Hero Live. The king of rhythm games is coming back on it’s 10-year anniversary with the same tap-to-shred gameplay but a completely new visual style.

The game’s main campaign will feature a first person viewpoint alongside real people, unlike the original’s cartoon caricatures. Although in Guitar Hero Live you won’t be playing along with any of the actual bands who recorded the featured songs. For isntance, the trailer above features the band Broken Tide playing along to The Black Key’s ‘Gold on the Ceiling’.

Your other gameplay option is ‘GH TV’ which allows you to play along to the music videos of your favourite tracks, giving you a much bigger variety in song choice in a similar style to SingStar (another music game due for a reboot).

The developers claim that the new game will cover an even wider range of difficulty than the original franchise thanks to the new 6 button controller. Which looks more like a real guitar than ever before.

Guitar Hero Live is due out sometime in spring, or autumn if you’re in the northern hemisphere.


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