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Happy birthday Pharrell Williams!

The non-ageing star ages (apparently)

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On this day 43 years ago, Pharrell Williams was born in Virginia Beach… well, at least that’s what his birth certificate says. However the singer, rapper and producer hasn’t really aged in the past couple of decades, leaving many to wonder if he actually is the vampire that all the memes proclaim him to be. Either way, we’re happy he is around to bring the best adidas drops and hats that you could ever ask for. And while we know the dude now dons many hats—co-owner of G-Star, producer, recording artist, fashion designer, adidas collaborator—Pharrell has literally worn a lot of different hats throughout his entertainment career.

In his honour, we’ve put together a gallery of the notorious hats he has made his own—from the trucker of the noughties to the many iterations of Vivienne Westwood’s headgear—some so large that he is probably hiding the secrets to eternal life under there somewhere. We’ve also chucked in a pic from his “youth” that brings the vampire theory into question… then again, he seriously hasn’t aged, so at least he’s one of the more friendly immortals.

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