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In The Bag: Shelf Life

Print is not dead

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Weekly updates

There’s no doubt how digital our lives have become and while almost everything can be turned into some sort of intangible, downloadable file, there is still a widespread demand and appreciation of the physical publication. We certainly believe that print is very much alive and sometimes, it’s actually easier to refer to the book on your shelf to dead a heated argument with some straight facts. Photo books, retrospective accounts, and even the humble cookbook make indulging in our personal interests immersive and aesthetically pleasing. There are so many great titles to choose from, so we’ve highlighted a few that will be making their way into our homes. Make room on your shelf, clear your coffee table, switch your phone to Do Not Disturb and start a new chapter.

01. Pool Party

02. Loose Leaf

03. Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan)

04. Biggie Memorial Candle by Primitive Skate

05. For the Love of Meat

06. Decade: 1970 - 1980

07. Out Of the Box by Bobbito Garcia

08. Thrasher socks

09. Unemployable

010. The Rap Year Book