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In The Bag: Under Budget

Low priced gifts for low key procrastinators

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Sure, Christmas should be a time to just gather the fam (actual or figurative) and spend some quality time together, preferably with an inappropriately large amount of food, drink, and good vibes. But let’s not kid ourselves, gift-giving plays a big part in said merriment and if you’re celebrating the holidays with some hard-to-buy-for MFs, then this part is probably your least favourite of the whole thing. And if you’re a procrastinating-ass individual, then you’re probably still wondering what to buy for that first cousin/next-door neighbour/office Kris Kringle. Don’t worry, we got you (mainly because we are you). If your budget spans anywhere between $5-$50, this list will lead you in the right direction for fun, thoughtful, and most importantly, low budget gifts for pretty much anyone you haven’t yet crossed off your To Buy For list.

01. Hangin' With The Homies air fresheners

02. The Rap Year Book via Universal Store

03. AS Colour 6-panel cap

04. Spacebound socks

05. Magic Organic hair coffee spray

06. Uppercut Deluxe Wax Gift Set via ASOS

07. Pineapple money box via ASOS

08. Fresh N Rebel Rockbox Cube Speaker via ASOS

09. ASOS watch

010. Lord & Berry Lip Collection via ASOS