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In a monstrous move of foresight, Facebook acquisition Instagram is announcing an acquisition of its own in the form of Hyperlapse, a standalone app for time lapse videos that plugs straight into your Insta account.

As most are probably aware, time lapse is a photo/video technique of taking images shot from a fixed position at intervals or extended video footage and speeding them up so that incredibly small or slow detail is noticeable to the human eye. The technique has allowed for artists to formulate beautiful creations out of natural imagery, perhaps best seen in documentary Koyaanisqatsi.

Of course, you probably won’t be seeing Hyperlapse utilised in the same way by the masses so prepare yourself to be inundated with shot upon shot of fast moving waves on a beach, turnt up shakycam and a whole bunch of other things you didn’t need to see at 12 times their natural speed.

The app allows you to manipulate up to 45 minutes of footage with control over acceleration of playback and all the Instagram editing tools you’re accustomed to. It’s out now on iOS devices with plans (but no date) to release on wider platforms.


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