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So a lot of people are shocked and appalled that an extremely thin, remarkably wide piece of technology with a sheer glass face is not built to resist intense pressure. Early adopters of the new iPhone 6 have treated it exactly like the old stuff they had and are frustrated to find that it’s not up to the same standard as their previous iPhone. Do you remember how when the iPhone 5 came out everyone started whinging non-stop about how it broke really easily? Could it be that maybe our expectations of hardware resilience is completely unjustified and disparate with the reality of every single iPhone launch we’ve endured since 2007? Or is it Tim Cook’s fault and this tiny computer we keep in our pants should be made of adamantium?

If someone eight years ago had started complaining because they bought a $800+ piece of tech and constantly carried it around with them in their pocket without an external pressure-resistant case and it broke, you probably would have called them an over entitled idiot. But now, just because someone decided to bend it with their bare hands until it broke, it’s the fault of the creators, manufacturers and distributors. Yeah, Apple probably should have done more intensive pressure tests but, frankly, when it comes to modern technology design, you can usually capitalise on two of three parameters (functionality, durability and form) and Apple have always unabashedly subscribed to functionality and form.

Pro-tip: If you buy something that’s worth more than $800 that runs on battery and comes with a pamphlet on how to take care of it, it’s your responsibility when you treat it like a fashion accessory and it quits its shit on you. Yeah, it’s frustrating and you may not like how a hard case disrupts your aesthetic vibe$ but we just don’t yet live in a world where your phone looks like a communion wafer and behaves like a Jeep Cherokee.

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