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It looks like Martin Shkreli’s Twitter account has been hacked

Things just keep getting worse for the pharma bro

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In a move that isn’t altogether unsurprising, Martin Shkreli’s Twitter account appears to have been hacked, with a series of odd tweets showing up from early this morning. While some of them are narcissistic enough to come from the man himself—eg. “I am a god now”—there are other (more generous and/or self-deprecating) ones that suggest something is definitely up, like “Giving away WUTANG album RT for a chance to win”. At the time of writing, the tweets still remain on Shkreli’s timeline (whose on-screen name has been changed to Martin The God) but nobody has claimed responsibility for the hack as yet. Although I’m sure the list of names would run pretty long, with everything that’s gone down with this dude in the last couple of weeks… even RZA, if the below tweet is anything to go by.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.56.53 pm

Check out the most recent Tweets in the gallery above.

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