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To this day, no one really knows exactly what the fuck happened during the early ’00s. Those years have been collectively suppressed as a blight on humanity – a cold, confusing time where diamante g-strings, awkward height kitten heels and badly-gelled hair ruled supreme. Case and point: the premiere of the first X-Men movie circa 2000.

If you ever need to remind yourself how pungently awful (but also kind of brilliant) the noughties were, look no further than these pictures from the red carpet which have just resurfaced their ugly fedora-wearing heads online.

Scroll through the gallery above for some Marvel-lous fashion faux pas brought to you from the cultural clusterfuck that was Y2K, featuring a bikini-clad Halle Berry, a very normcore Hugh Jackman, a potentially gacked Stephen Baldwin, and plenty more ensembles that scream what the fuck were they thinking.

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