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Anyone with a Yeezy For President t-shirt that has ‘2020’ printed on it might need to cop a refund real quick. After a cheeky rendezvous with the leader of the free world, Ye has tweeted ‘#2024’.

Perhaps after meeting up, the two living, breathing centres of attention decided that Trump would pull an Obama and kick in the oval office for two terms, after which Kanye can take the reigns. We seriously doubt that this is on the agenda for Trump, but then again we’re surprised he even agreed to meet with Ye—so anything is on the cards at this point. After all, we once lived in a blissful period of time where we thought it was impossible for Trump to even be elected, and here we are now!

So Kanye and Trump linking up is an actual real thing that happened. The two met to discuss “multicultural issues,” as it were.

Naturally, Twitter is ripe with voices calling out Trump for wasting his ‘presidential time’ with West, and fans on Ye’s side have responded with anger as their icon met with someone who is a physical realisation of all the hate that has lead to a world of pain for many in the US. Yet we have to keep in mind that getting chummy with the helm of the United States isn’t anything new for Yeezy.

So it could just be some power-play, and maybe we don’t need to go into full freak-out mode over the pictures of the two of them actually *smiling*. Some even calling the move a smart, calculated one.

Considering Trump played a starring role in Kanye’s video for ‘Famous’, we’re pretty sure that had Ye found himself with sweaty palms, the upside is that he would have had no trouble picturing Trump in his underwear to quell his nerves. Stay tuned because if we’re sure of one thing, today is only the beginning of this saga.

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