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Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, aka The Best Stoner Show Ever, is known for drawing characters whose size and shape are as puzzling as an episode’s storyline. So when Fred Seibert – cartoon god, first creative director for MTV, and founder of Frederator Studios – shared Ward’s ‘How to Draw Adventure Time’ via his Scribd account it was surprising just how many rules there are to making the characters look so Adventure-Timey.

In the comprehensive guide Ward elaborates on active and passive arms (“Think ‘Al Dente’ noodles”), what to do with Finn’s “Face Hole”, and being mindful of the fact that Finn has never been to the dentist, and should bad or missing teeth.

But then, for some features, the rules are flexible – like how Jake is allowed to have both hands and paws or the way hands can have three, four, or five fingers. This should really come out as a book some time soon.

Learn how to draw Adventure Time.

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