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Do you ever walk past playgrounds or amusement parks today and think “Damn. Why didn’t they have that back in my day?” Yep, kids these days have it too good and now comes the news that billionaire Lego owner and philanthropist Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is opening a Lego school in the small town of Billund where he lives.

The initiative combines the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Danish school system and Lego’s use of creativity and play. It’s not all fun and games though – the aim is to promote ‘enquiry based learning’. As one prospective enthusiastic parent as put it, “In the UK you’re taught how to pass exams. In Scandinavia you’re taught how to think.” The plan also includes special bike paths, playgrounds, a hexagonal music studio and a Lego lab.

With tuition being subsidised by the government, they are accepting three to seven year olds when it opens and up to sixteen year olds from 2015. Oh to be young again.

Mica Nantes

[Source: Mashable.]