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Weekly updates

If you live in Australia, or have friends from Down Under blowing up your news feed, you will be feeling the heat right now. It is hot as shit outchea, with most capital cities experiencing heatwaves in the last couple of weeks – here, in Melbourne, we’re currently sitting at a toasty temp of 38.7 degrees Celsius at midday and rising, our third 40+ degree day in a row.

And even though we are used to fairly warm weather in these parts, this is just proving too much, too fast. We’re realising that we may not actually be cut out for this shit…and neither is this Lindt chocolate ball. Evan Stainsby has come up with the least annoying way to describe how hot is in these streets – via a timelapse video. It takes just under three minutes for this poor little Lindt chocolate ball to disintegrate into a sad little chocolate stream on the hot, hot Melbourne pavement. Oddly enough, I can directly relate to this piece of chocolate.

Moral of the story: Time to bust out those bucket hats, SPF and ensure all thirsts are quenched this week.

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