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Looking to elevate your next outdoor adventure? Tentsile founder Alex Shirley-Smith conceived his idea from an early age, after seeing the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest on British television and being taken to go and see Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, inspiration that Shirley-Smith would later turn in to a concept endeavouring to be an eco-friendly treehouse that inspires the imagination and helps to save the environment in the process. Enter: Tree Tents.

Boasting durable polyester floors, tear-resistant mesh walls and 2.5 ton webbing straps, the Tree Tents offer your safest opportunity to get away from your worries, kick back and relax while helping to save the world’s trees. It’s only a bonus then that you get to live out your fantasies of living like an Ewok in the process.

Offering both safety, comfort, and ingenuity, while simultaneously pledging to plant three trees for every tent sold, Tentsile bring you the coolest new way to camp — elevating the outdoors, and following the thought that “if we’re all hanging out in trees, they can’t cut them down”.

To read more about the history of Tentsile and the Tree Tent, head here, or alternatively purchase your own here and start saving the world today.

  • Words: James Schofield

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