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The Lytro is a camera that is going to change the perception of what a camera is. For years digital cameras have mimicked the form and function of their analogue predecessors, but the Lytro is shaking that up. Looking like a cross between a kid’s toy and a telescope it couldn’t be further from a conventional camera.

Utilising a sliding zoom function and a single button the Lytro captures all points of light within an image range, allowing users to manually adjust focus and depth of field after the fact. Think of it like Instagram’s tilt/shift filter on crack without the corny associations. The camera itself is small enough to be pocketed and carried everywhere, and while it’s probably not going to be much of a threat to top-tier DSLR’s it looks like a very cool point and shoot to play around with.

Check the video for a run through of the Lytro’s capabilities. Hopefully this will mark a turning point where digital technology can finally break free from its analogue roots and stand on its own. I guess only time will tell.