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Talk to most girls (particularly brunettes) and ask them about the Betty and Veronica comic books and then sit back and watch them passionately muse on how much they love one of the girls and despise the other. The female focussed Archie franchise single-handedly taught every little girl out there that men are dogs and there will always be some pathetic blonde bitch out there scheming on your man even though you’ve made it clear to the world you’re clearly boyfriend and girlfriend.

Full disclosure: TEAM VERONICA obviously. Ronnie had it all. Yes, she’s a bitch but her ensembles were always TIGHT and she kept ol’ Archie coming back for more. Betty on the other hand. Holy shit. Get some respect for yourself woman. Read ‘He’s Not that into You’ every damn night bitch and BELIEVE it. Also, can we talk about Archie… he’s doing something right. He should be the pin up boy for all male gingers out there. And we all agree Jughead was a closet homosexual, yes?

BUT I DIGRESS…. MAC is obviously privy to the special place Betty and Veronica have in many girls’ hearts and has announced a capsule line with the odd couple. The range is to be called MAC Archie’s Girls, which I have beef with. As every girls know you’d buy the specific Betty and Veronica comics rather than the Archies general comics as they were boring as fuck and had stupid lessons about trying hard in sport and staying in school, when all you really wanted is to look at Veronica’s hot outfits and see the girls scrag fight over Archie and Veronica always come out on top (muhahahah).

“The line is inspired by Betty and Veronica — one blonde and natural, the other raven-haired and glamorous.” Again. Team Veronica.  “Both company’s products are sold worldwide and the partnership made for a natural fit as the pin-up girls have always been synonymous with fashion and beauty,”  an Archie comics spokesperson wrote in a press release.

No word on the release date but I think for the launch there should be mud wrestling with Betty and Veronica lookalikes. Just a thought. Oh and look through the gallery above because I found a bunch of sexualized images of Betty and Veronica because I know you’re all creeps who don’t care about makeup until you see your girlfriend without it on.