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Weekly updates

A Perth man, seemingly running out of ideas to outrun the cops after a two-hour long pursuit has decided to fuck it, and drive into the ocean as a last ditch attempt to sail away to freedom.

The chase started today at around 10.20am Perth time (1.20pm AEST) with the driver fleeing from police along Yanchep beach, 56 kms north of Perth. Police pursued the vehicle for two hours until the man crashed over the sand dunes of Yanchep beach and raced along the coast. Police then finally managed to intercept the vehicle, exiting their vehicles to confront the man, when he speeds into the swell of the beach and then attempts to sit on the roof of the vehicle. Police officers have had to swim out to the man to make an arrest – and probably save his life.  The 9 News helicopter arrived to capture the end of the dramatic scenes, and you can see the photos in the photo gallery above.

If there was an award for the moron of the year, congratulations sir, you are now in strong contention.

Luke Karakas


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