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A manager at Domino’s Box Hill location has found himself at the centre of a social media firestorm after he allegedly vandalised a young woman’s car because she was parked in ‘his’ spot.

Elisha Park took to her personal Facebook to share her experience with the restaurant. Ms Park claims that she had just ended a ten hour shift and was returning to her car when she found it blocked in by another car, which turned out to be owned by the manager of the fast food chain.

When she entered the store and asked the owner to move the car and asked him to move the car so she could leave, Ms Park says she was verbally abused in front of staff and told that he was ‘too busy’ to move the car. She states that she waited for an hour in store, crying, while the staff ignored her.

Upon returning to her car she found that her and a co-worker’s vehicle had been vandalised, with ‘Do Not Park’ spray painted across the windshield and keyed into the doors and bonnets of the cars. The kicker? She claims that she had an existing agreement with the owner’s of the building that allowed her to park in the spot in the first place.

Ms Park has stated that she and her co-worker have reported the incident to police, and social media users have been quick to take to the franchise’s Facebook page to show their disgust.

Domino’s have yet to issue a statement on the alleged incident, replying to all public criticisms with the message below.
“We appreciate your concern. This matter has been escalated to Domino’s management and head office. We are taking this very seriously and we are currently investigating this matter with the store and the local police. We have also been in contact with the people involved with this matter,”

As for Ms Park’s feeling on the situation? Well it seems reasonable enough.
“I might love pizza but fkkkkkk, I’m saying hell no to box hill dominos even if they were to offer me free cheesy crust pizzas!!!!!!!!!