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Organising a bucks’ party can be one of the toughest gigs out and when you’re the best man, the success of the night rests all on your shoulders. In the back of your mind you’re constantly thinking “How will this compare to The Hangover?” But in reality, you’re about a couple stacks short of renting out a penthouse in Vegas and going H.A.M. for a couple of nights. So really, you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got.

One Melbourne man, Patrick Catanzariti, was given the rightful duty of organising the celebrations prior to his mate’s impending marriage and didn’t quite get what he paid for on the night. After booking three entertainers with the Centrefold Strippers agency, Catanzariti was expecting “Hunter”, “Portia” and “Tia” to show up but was later advised that one of the women he requested was unavailable. Dissatisfied with who replaced his pre-selected beauty, Catanzariti demanded the booking agency refund him the $500 spent for misleading him.

“I wanted Hunter, I paid the deposit. That’s the reason why I paid. The girl I want. It’s not your decision to chose another girl for me,” Mr Catanzariti claimed, in a series of back and forth exchanges with the director of the Sydney-based entertainment agency. After being accused of being ‘unusually obsessed with just one girl’, Catanzariti took his claim to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and was granted the right to a refund of $497 as well as a $55.60 tribunal fee.


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