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National Geographic reveals the Secret History of Grillz

Icy teeth from the depths of the ocean

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We knew that the history of grills went back, but we didn’t know it was this far back. National Geographic have recently uncovered skulls that date back to a 4000-year-old civilisation—and they were repping grills.

Grills have been around for decades on decades, but like most trends, they only made it to the mainstream after African Americans started icing their teeth during the uprise of hip-hop. In modern times, grills are becoming far more versatile indeed. This short clip features Johnny Dang, King of Bling, who has made colourful sets for Beyoncé, Travis Scott, and Big Sean, just to name a few.

Yet the full mouth of glitz that comes to mind when we think of grills isn’t the only mould. In recent times, the accessory has gotten an aesthetic treatment, as proven by Sydney’s Cubone Club. You can check out their work here, and be sure to watch the clip in the gallery above. This is probably the first and last time Paul Wall will make it onto Nat Geo, so be sure to check it out in the gallery above.

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