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Job hunting is a bitch. How many times have you sent away a specially-curated resume and obviously brilliant cover letter, only to get a generic rejection email referring to ‘overwhelming response’ or, worse still, no reply at all. Welp, spare a thought for anyone who actually thought they might have a chance at bagging a 50k annual salary as Waka Flocka Flame’s personal blunt roller. With 60,000 applicants competing – including the allegedly-employed Seth Rogen – your application had better be next level to cut through the haze of inevitable bullshit to make its way to Waka’s inbox.

Judging by this video, a lot of the applicants lacked the desired experience or character but still provided pretty high entertainment value. And while it looks like the internet has just been edged out for the role by the entire staff of Funny Or Die, there are still some things to learn from Waka’s selection process:

– If your name is Cracked Out, change it
– “It’s cool to curse in your resume man, it shows character”
– Don’t be a dickhead (we see you, George)

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