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This all came about after M.I.A’s performance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl where she flipped the bird at the camera and the NFL took more offence to it than anybody else watching.

After the initial suit of 1.5million against her, it’s been reported that they’ve now brought the noise and upped the suit up to 16.6 million Benjamins and also want her to sign this indemnity request:

Which looks to say that they’re allowed to ask for up to one hundred percent of any earnings over $5M in any year…but I’m no Mike Ross.

Back in 2013 she released a video talking to some anonymous friend who’s really good at listening, voicing the argument that the cheerleading squad of under-girls behind her with legs spread and pelvises thrusting is a more offensive image than her middle digit. Which is totes a fair comment and probably why she wasn’t taking the scare tactic too seriously when she tweeted this to Madonna:

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