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Oregon Coast set to welcome the first weed drive-thru

Probably the dopest drive-thru on the planet

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The only thing better than weed being legalised? Weed that you can get without leaving your car. Yep, welcome to the future: drive through marijuana.

Oregon Coast will have the first recreational drive-thru pot shop open on, you guessed it, the April 4 (that’s 420… just in case you’ve already been blazing it too much today). It’s a part of what Curry County Economic Development Director Julie Schmelzer calls “new green tourism.”

The owners of Green Life Oregon really seem to know their target audience. Now, we’re not saying that people who smoke weed necessarily adhere to the stereotype of being lazy, but their understanding of supply and demand really sets the bar high. That being said, if they’re really smart, they’ll do a joint drive-thru partnership with McDonald’s.


  • Words: Emma Arnold

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