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Weekly updates

You may have heard about the tragic passing of Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker over the weekend. If not, log on to any of your social media channels and you’ll get up to speed pretty quickly. It’s crazy to think that the high action movie franchise has been around for seven incarnations – I remember being 15 and crushing hard on Paul Walker and Vin Diesel evenly when the first Fast dropped.

Whatever your opinions on him as an actor and his body of work, the bottom line is that at least for the Fast and Furious series, he was integral to the story and, evidently, to the dynamic of the tight-knit cast (as evidenced by a lot of their subsequent social media posts).

And with the most recent installation of the film still in production, the scheduling and possibly even the completion of it, may have been placed on indefinite hold. TMZ reports filming was supposed to continue this week, with some of Walker’s critical scenes to be wrapped up in the process. There has been no official word from Universal about the state of production but we would certainly expect some delays to occur. We’ll be keeping an ear out for more news in the coming days.