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Postcards: Tom Batrouney in Italy

Behind the scenes with Pt. Nemo

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When you run your own surfwear label, it’s expected that you’ll probably find yourself amongst some pretty beautiful scenery on a regular basis. But when you run an Italian-made surfwear label, this concept is elevated ten times. Tom Batrouney has found himself in this very enviable position, having launched fashion label Pt. Nemo in Sydney alongside his wife Nikki. Based and designed in Sydney but 100% made in Italy, Pt. Nemo is bringing the highest level of Italian materials and craftsmanship to an industry that has long been ruled by loud colours and even louder prints. Also a seasoned photographer, Tom pops through our Postcards series to share some film images he captured while in Italy recently, scouting locations for Pt. Nemo’s editorial shoots.

Check out some of the behind the scenes images above and stay up with Pt. Nemo online and via Instagram.

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