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Weekly updates

A lot of promo surrounding the Olympics can be pretty OTT and serious (or in Australia’s case, a whole lotta dissing out of athletes for being fat and only winning silver. Good sports we Aussies eh. That said, worst medal tally in 36 years is pretty pitiful. Sport is our THING people, we can’t have zero culture AND be shit at sport) but I digress…. Puma has bucked the neggy-slash-boring vibe that seems to be permeating throughout this year’s games with the London-based Jamaican-themed PUMA YARD.

Not officially associated with the Olympics FYI (I say this so no one makes me edit this post later) the yard is rather a little oasis away from the London madness. Whether one wants to take in a spot of shopping, play a bit of ping pong or feast on Jamaican jerk chicken and brews, the yard seems like a pretty darn good spot to get away from it all.

The PUMA QUAD in which the yard is a part of was built with shipping containers, fused together. This container concept was created by PUMA in collaboration with design firms LOT-EK and Kubik. The QUAD is pretty famous itself, with London being the last stop on it’s tour to South Africa, China, Brazil, Portugal and Ireland.

Check some images of the yard above, including an appearance from Julian Marley. For more info on the Yard and how to get in there, hit up the London Puma site.