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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman come together for some man-to-man bonding over their shared title of the Sexiest Man Alive in their recent interview. Reynolds sits down with Jackman to discuss his upcoming movie, Eddie the Eagle, which is due to be released this April. It comes just after Reynolds’ recent movie Deadpool exceeded Box Office expectations, and solicited quite a few laughs at Jackman’s expense.

Jackman is asked all things X-men, as well as the craft of acting, his bone structure, his height, and the question we all want answers to: Does he age? It’s exactly the type of interview you would expect after seeing the two star next to each other in the X-men Origins movie (in which Reynolds’ Deadpool was not exactly the sassy anti-hero we know today).

Check out the interview above and try to keep as straight a face as Ryan Reynolds did.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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