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Samuel L. Jackson breaks down Game of Thrones for beginners

Potential spoiler alert, but it’s worth it for Samuel L. motherfuckin' Jackson and yes, there’s dragons

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With season six of Game of Thrones recently wrapping up and a long wait until season seven, fans of the hit television series have been left with a void, with many looking for whatever they can to fill it. For those of you severely suffering from GOT withdrawals, Samuel L. Jackson narrating each season might just tide you over for a little bit.

The star lends his vocal talents to steadily but assertively guide you through a condensed serving of each season, but for those of you who haven’t seen a single episode or are slightly behind, there might be a spoiler or two in there, just saying. However, he does a good job of steering clear of major plot points that might detract from the show, not that anything could of course. Peep the video below to get your GOT fix and a dose of SLJ.

And if he has in any way convinced you to get on the Thrones bandwagon, you can now download all the seasons (as well as a bunch of related material) via iTunes here.

  • Words: Bolaji Teniola

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