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You probably don’t know who Matt Hannon is. After appearing in a handful of terrible films in the late 80’s and 90’s, he disappeared off the face of the earth and was presumed dead by cult film fans.

Well, it’s recently been discovered Matt wasn’t dead but instead living a colourful life while grappling with the frustration of a failed career in cinema. Fans of his starring role in Samurai Cop were finally revealed the truth when a video he sent to his daughter to show to her friends was uploaded to YouTube.

Since then, he’s come out and talked to a range of cult film media including Red Letter Media, Proudly Resents and 80’s Picture House to discuss his career proceeding and following Samurai Cop and, believe me, it’s some crazy shit. Turns out that prior to getting his first lead role, Hannon worked as executive protection for Sylvester Stallone and has some stories of running into the guy a couple of times thereafter while they were both working on body building.

Following the production of Samurai Cop, Matt was pretty much buried forever as an actor and descended into what he calls his ‘dark times’ including stints in and out of prison and some pretty sad, grisly shit. He talks about it most in this interview.

On top of everything else, the guy seems about two degrees off full-blown deranged. From his ex-meth death stare to the video of him apparently fucking a bucket of ice for ALS (“Alright, let’s make some margaritas!”). He’s now involved in a Kickstarter dedicated to getting the much needed sequel Samurai Cop 2 off the ground.

The original Samurai Cop was produced and directed by Amir Shervan, a prolific Iranian filmmaker who moved to California after the Iranian Revolution to start a career making American action films. He died in 2006 but left behind a legacy of films such as Killing American Style and Hollywood Cop. Some of his best dialogue and editing is still from Samurai Cop, which became a cult classic after the infamous nurse scene went viral on YouTube. Check it out in the gallery above.

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