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Even if you’re not a citizen of the US, the events of the past 24 hours have certainly put a dampener on our days. And while the future may look bleak to many of us, life goes on and there are so many great things that we were already looking forward to that are yet to bless our lives. Prime case in point, Dave Chappelle’s return to television, with a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live where he will be accompanied by none other than A Tribe Called Quest as musical guest. In the absence of the expected promo skits, the improv comedy show has instead shared a brief snippet of Chappelle walking through the SNL studios, soundtracked by Tribe’s ‘Can I Kick It’. His appearance is scheduled for this weekend, and while we still have no idea what the modern comedy icon has in store for his episode, we’re sure there must be some furious re-writing happening in light of this week’s election result. If there’s anything we can count on though, it will be hilarious and nobody is safe. Peep the teaser below and stay tuned for the episode’s airing this weekend.

Weekly updates