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Earlier this month, scientists from the University of Rochester became international celebrities when they revealed an amazingly simple device that could one day be used to create a real-life invisibility cloak. I hope they enjoyed their time at the top of the movie-science world because rival researchers from UC Davis just might have them beat.

Remember the first time you watched Men In Black? Remember those classic scenes where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones used a neuralyzer device to erase peoples memories? Well Brian Wiltgen and his homies have used their superior knowledge of science to successfully recreate those moments… but on rodents. Using a fibre-optic cable to send beams of light into the brains of genetically engineered mice, the team of scientists found that they could erase specific memories of their choosing.

Sure, there’s not much practical use for a memory eraser that only works on mice, but for those of you who still dream of one day owning a working nearualizer it’s a definite step in the right direction. Until that day comes though, you’ll just have to settle for this convincing replica. Only 35 dollars? What a bargain.

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