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For the last year or so, it’s been hard to find a fan of the Beouf. Between severe acts of plagiarism and bizarre public appearances, he was going down a path of open self destruction that most couldn’t look away from. Oh, and then he started transmitting hashtag messages through his Nike Run app.

Haters would probably relish the news that he’s been seen recently with a pulled tooth and slashed up face, thinking it’s just another descending notch on his career trajectory. The reality is that its actually a possible sign the actor’s on the return. According to an interview with British GQ, co-star of upcoming war film Fury Logan Lerman says LaBeouf took method acting to a Daniel Day Lewis extreme and cut up his mug for authenticity.

“We were in make-up and they were putting cuts on Shia and I said, ‘Yeah, yeah, it looks good…and Shia was like, ‘No it doesn’t look real.'” said Lerman.
“Then he walks out into the hallway and says, ‘Hey man, wanna see something fun? Check this out…’ and he takes out a knife and cuts his face. And for the whole movie he kept opening these cuts on his face.”

LaBeouf tweeted the tooth pull in May last year during the filming for Fury but the face cuts is a new revelation. It’s good he’s focusing all that pent up energy on putting authenticity back into his screen performances. Let’s just hope he doesn’t sign on for a Nightmare on Elm Street or Elephant Man reboot. There’s no going back from those facial transformations, ShiShi.


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