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‘Strange Beasts’ short film shows the dark reality of VR

Basically a five minute episode of Black Mirror

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The conversation around VR is buzzing more and more. Sure, experts are saying that the expenses of the hefty technology are holding it back from going mainstream, but that hasn’t stopped anyone with a Netflix account freaking out about it taking over. Aided by shows like Black Mirror—talking about that wretched ‘Men Against Fire’ episode here—the hype around VR has definitely sparked some important questions of ethics.

Addressing a potential reality to arise from a boom in mainstream augmented reality games, Magali Barbé presents Strange Beasts. At first, it’s pretty much a dream come true, as the London-based filmmaker sets bizarre and personalised creatures in a home setting. Pretty much anything with fully customisable avatars has our vote, and the short film flexes some pretty impressive animation to boot.

The true nature of the beast remains hidden until the end, so be sure to check it out in the gallery above.

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