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Solange’s Met Gala afterparty was the only one that mattered

Solange, Dev Hynes, and Petra Collins party in an Indian Restaurant

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In previous years Solange Knowles has been to many Met Gala after parties, and maybe not always had the best time (it’s hard to forget 2014’s infamous elevator incident). Maybe that’s why this year she hosted a low-key party designed to be a feel-good-only-zone.

Solange’s guest list was a roll call of creatives killing it in the arts. Names such as Dev Hynes, Petra Collins, Ashton Sanders, Sasha Lane, Cleo Wade, Piera Luisa, Elaine Welteroth, and Emmanuel Olunkwa were in attendance, relishing in the festive ambiance of it all.

Editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth, dubbed the party a “LITuation” and gallery curator, Piera Luisa, shared an huge collection of videos from the night on her Instagram. She captioned the content with a thanks to Solange for bringing together “brilliant souls and the vibiest of vibes.”

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There’s something refreshing about seeing a bunch of celebrities following up the obscene lavishness of the Met Gala with a party in a restaurant favourited by college kids in the east village. Or maybe it just makes it easier to cling on to the idea that a friendship with Solange is within our reach.

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