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The former watch of the late Steve Jobs—a black quartz Seiko from the 1980s—was just auctioned off for over $42,000. With a price this high you wouldn’t be alone in wondering if it had the coding for the next gen iPhone hidden in it somewhere.

What really sets the price for this watch is its modelling carer. It’s the very same one that the Apple guru wore in that iconic photo of him and the very first Macintosh computer.

World famous photographer Norman Seeff snapped up the pic in 1984. Even if you think you don’t know Seeff, you probably would know his work. After the shoot, he told Time magazine “I got the shot the first time,” after Jobs spontaneously sat down in the pose.

The watch itself is unremarkable, with a simple, timeless, and refined look. Yet, it is the point in Job’s timeline to success that stands to create such significance. The watch was a part of an auction that included several pieces of Jobs memorabilia, put together by the house manager, Mr Mark Sheff.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

Weekly updates