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Stills: A Sobered Communist by Callum Royle

Psychological scars of systemisation and surveillance

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Last week we were given a glimpse of the launch night for Callum Royle’s latest photo exhibition A Sobered Communist. The story behind the series is true to its title—inspired by the Paul Neuberg book The Hero’s Children: the Post-War Generation in Eastern Europe, the images are a little haunting and reveal the real effects the fall of Communism has had on the communities caught up in the revolution over 30 years ago. But Callum’s exploration of these often forgotten about parts of Romania aims to look past the initial feeling of defeat you might see in the images. “These are not sentimental photographs, and his is not a claustrophobic vision. His lines not only move us through, but beyond the captured moment.”

If you’re in Melbourne, you still have time to catch Callum’s show in real life with A Sobered Communist on show at Junior Space until May 3.

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