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The latest Yeezy Zine is all kinds of aesthetic

Thanks to the internet, we can preview Kanye’s star-studded Season 4 zine

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‘The Festival of the Photocopier’ took place over the weekend at Melbourne’s Town Hall. Hosted by the Zine legends at Sticky Institute, it was one big ol’ celebration of self-published work that hosted a delicious range of content with one consistent theme—self-expression.

One of the mini magazines biggest advocates, Kanye West, has yet another publication on the way. Whilst rumours are buzzing around the kind of show we can expect for Yeezy Season 5, the preview of Season 4’s mag have made it to the web. Straight from the gram of the filmmaker and photographer Jackie Nickerson, the flicks show off a good-looking mood board.

Featuring shots of Playboi Carti and the ‘Fade’ queen Teyana Taylor, this just gives us more Ye related content to look forward to. Season 5 is set to premiere this week, and we’re sure this zine is just around the corner as well. Have a flick through the preview in the gallery above, and you can check out more of Nickerson’s work here, where you might even get inspired to make one yourself.

Last year was the year of realising things, but this year could very well be the year of making Zines.

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