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You’re never too old for cartoons, or toys, especially if those toys are a combination of probably the two of the most watched cartoons of different generations. The people at Robotic Industries have decided to combine two of our favourite heroes 1980s beefcake He-Man and 12-year-old Finn from Adventure Timeand create a hybrid vinyl action figure. It basically reflects what many might have seen happen in real life, following high school, when that super thin dude you used to hang out with starts hitting the gym a little too hard. Shredded Finn also looks a lot meaner, despite still carrying a backpack, and he’s even been given his own Battle Cat, except that it’s a much more vicious version of his dog mate Jake. Of course, this very niche tribute was only made in limited quantities (15, to be exact) and the final five Finn figurines can only be scored by visiting Toycon UK in London this April. Otherwise check out some detailed images above or head to online retailer Fugi.

Weekly updates