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There is so much going on in Tokyo, you can easily become overwhelmed with just the thought of it all – even though that probably wouldn’t deter you from wanting to immerse yourself in the culture asap. But thanks to filmmaker and composer Justin Tierney, we get a rare calming view of the entire city. Justin used aerial timelapse footage, captured during a couple of trips to the Japanese city, to create this awe-inspiring and surprisingly serene view of a city that seemingly never sleeps.

Using nighttime shots and taking in expansive areas of the urban landscape, the only movement you can see is the steady flow of traffic in the far distance, like blood pumping through veins. Set to a specifically composed piano accompaniment, the video is a thing of beauty, and will make you look at Tokyo in a different light. And if you were impressed by this effort, you’ll be hyped to know that this is the first part of a five-segment series, making up the short film “exploring the rhythm of urban Japan and its people” At the Conflux.

Stay tuned to Justin’s Vimeo account for more and watch the first clip above, in the meantime.

Weekly updates