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From the bros that brought the world the “Push for Pizza” app, comes the ultimate stoner accessory — a pizza box that can also double as a weed pipe. Still very much a dream (the product isn’t actually available IRL… yet), the pizza box includes a section that can be pushed out and folded to create the pipe’s shaft. Then, the ceramic, heat-resistant stand that sits in the middle of the box is inserted at the end of the shaft as the pipe’s bowl. Genius. Or ultimate laziness. Either way, it’s definitely keeping in line with the creators’ motto of convenient college living, as their “Push for Pizza” app allows users to order pizza from participating local pizza joints with just one push of a button. While this is only available in the US at the moment, one can only dream of such ease of life (and pizza) here one day. In the meantime, take a look at the pizza weed pipe in action in the gallery above.

Weekly updates