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Weekly updates

Tomorrow from 10:30am at Pickles Auctions in Sydney, Sydney Trains are hosting a massive auction. Remember that time you left your new iPhone 5 on the train? Or that story you heard about that guy who left an iPad, a bike and a camera on the train all in the same week? Yeah we’re talking thousands of dollars worth of goods being up for grabs. This is way better than the primary school lost property that you’re used to.

Items lost or left on the trains are held for 28 days in lost properly but many items remain unclaimed and as a result, Sydney Trains warehouse are left with a whole heap of goods behind. They’ve got over 27,000 items including hundreds of bikes, more than 500 phones, 150 iPods and 100 laptops, musical instruments, power tools, clothing, you name it. Seems like it’s definitely worth heading down.

Pickles Auctions
21 Woorang Street
Milperra, NSW