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Tupac’s high-school crush is selling his love letter for 35k

And it's a lot better than just a love heart drawing with initials in it

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A lovestruck high-school Tupac opened up and penned a letter to the girl of his dreams and she managed to save it, and is now finally sharing it with the world. Dated November 22nd of 1988, the letter features bird drawings, eyes instead of the letter ‘I’, love hearts and even a cute little phone drawing from the young Pac who clearly was trying to get his hotline to bling. Even back then, he was clearly a very introspective individual, as he wrote “I do not spare words, I say what I feel”. Deep.

Nicknamed Beethoven after her piano skills, the unidentified female is the OG bae-thoven for Pac, and the letter is almost too cute to handle. The two bonded in drama class, and she states that he was always a natural performer, and impressed her as equally with his readings of Shakespeare as he did with his freestyle raps. The two lost touch after he dropped out of high school, but she seems to have had come into his life at the perfect time; “I was beginning 2 feel alone & out of the blue I met u & it’s almost like I’ve known you for years,” he wrote.

Loving Prince, having a broken heart and both adoring candles, these two seemed like a pretty good match. The letter is now up for sale at $35 000, along with a description that she wrote about their relationship.

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