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In truly great news for diehard Simpsons fans everywhere, a website has been created that generates memes for the perennially popular TV show on demand. Named the ‘Frinkiac’ after Springfield’s favourite eccentric genius Professor Frink, the search engine contains nearly 3 million screenshots from the show’s first 15 seasons. Users can enter words, names, catchphrases, or general Simpsons references (the iconic ‘single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat’, for example) into the generator, and thousands of relevant screenshots from the show’s hundreds of episodes appear. Users then select their favourite frame, and press ‘make a meme’, whereby the correlating quote from the scene will appear over the image. It’s completely genius, and completely perfect for anyone who ever belts out ‘who needs a Quik-E Mart’ in public, or randomly shouts out ‘I am the lizard queen!’.

To have a go at making your own Simpsons memes, head on over to the Frinkiac here. You can have a look at some of the others we prepared earlier in the gallery above.

  • Words: Juliet Mentor

Weekly updates