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Even when you’re the biggest tech company on earth, you can’t expect to please everyone. Apple held their annual September event overnight, officially unveiling their latest releases—some of which the rumour mill had already predicted and others that came from left field—and there were definitely some major game-changers in the mix. As always, people were glued to their (probably Apple) screens for each announcement and their reactions were, well, varied.

From Siri-controlled Apple TV, the ability to take moving photos (very Harry Potter), ridiculously improved camera quality, and the introduction of a new iPad—the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, complete with stylus Apple Pencil—the new features and products are definitely causing a stir past, present, and future Apple devotees. One update I’m personally keen on is the iOS 9 update… well not so much the actual software, but the fact that we’ll finally be getting a cheese emoji with the updated keyboard. YASS.

Other oddities that came from the event included the presence of actual Microsoft reps, the apparent replacement of black skivvies with purple shirts, and One Republic’s musical performance.

Take a look at what The World According to Twitter had to say in the gallery above. Apple’s new suite of products will be available as early as this month, with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus dropping on September 25.

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