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Actor/singer/philanthropist Tyrese Gibson‘s backyard Benihana may be LA’s most amazing restaurant, well at least if we were going on comedian Aziz Ansari’s opinion alone. Yes, Tyrese really does have a private teppanyaki restaurant built in his backyard, it even has its own social handles. Aziz and a few friends (read: The Lonely Island) celebrated a birthday at the Benihana-styled restaurant named GibsiHana. The dinner festivity was sort of a dream come true for the party-goers, it’s been noted that Aziz and company have been trying to gain access to the exclusive private venue since as early as 2013.  GibsiHana comes equipped with a small tranquil Japanese-style building complete with a menu and a chef. Tyrese says he would one day like to open it up as a chain spot internationally. Watch the boys turn-up Ace Hood’s ‘Bugatti’ below and watch a tour of the restaurant above.

GIBISIHANA TURN UP!!! (cc @tyrese @thecarolinagentleman @davidcho @thelonelyisland)

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  • Words: Livelle Mobley

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