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Visual Feed: The celebs got down in the dust like everyone else at Burning Man

Just a bunch of people in the desert, realising things

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For those of us who have never experienced the Burning Man music and arts festival, it can sometimes be a little puzzling as to why anyone would want to trek out to the middle of the desert, plan dozens of intricate outfits, only to be covered in dust and probably end up pretty fucking burnt yourself (in one way or another). There’s obviously some mystical pull from that temporary city because each year thousands of punters make the pilgrimage to Black Rock City and, if you follow some of these people on social media, you’ll know that this year’s event looked just as cooked as any other.

It seems like the celebs didn’t turn out as much as previous years but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any timeline gold from the past week’s festivities. Diplo is always a shoe-in when it comes to doing it for the ‘gram, and this year we were also treated to the sheer entertainment that was Paris Hilton’s First Burning Man. We collated some of the best celebrity and civilian snaps from a weekend where everyone decidedly goes “off the grid” but still manages to upload at least one Instagram post per day.

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