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In NYC-based director Casey Neistat’s latest short film he manages to condense the entire evolution of social media into a few funny, bite-size chunks that even the most adamant luddite could understand. The film, which chronicles how each tech giant has fallen from greatness, crowns Snapchat as the current leading facilitator of social sharing. For those of you who gave up on Snapchat when you realised that it was more gym and food pics than nude selfies, watching ‘Snapchat Murders Facebook’ will probably inspire you to give the super-app one more chance.

Casey also teams up with everyone’s favourite pretty boy, French star of Vine and Snapchat Jerome Jarre, to prove that if you have dreamy eyes, a French accent and a tonne of Snapchat followers you can get thousands of teenage girls to show up pretty much anywhere at a moment’s notice.

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