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Weekly updates

For all the racing simulation video game fans out there, you have yet another reason to rejoice. Slated for an end-of-year release is Gran Turismo 6, the newest from the franchise developed by Polyphony Digital. The franchise has been hailed as one of the most compelling video game franchises around since its inception 15 years ago. This is due in large part to its simulation of the performance and appearance of myriad of vehicles, nearly all of which are licensed reproductions of real-world automobiles.

New statistics of Gran Turismo 6 include 1,200 different cars and 33 different locations, with seven of the 33 locations being new with a staggering 71 different configurations and more to come via online releases. Aero kits, custom wheels and other purchased goodies can be added to most vehicles for a major customisable ride, aimed to further boost the authenticity of the game.

Watch this space for updates about the game. In the meantime, watch the trailer above.

Jerome Lee