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This may be the most anticipated act in Rockstar Games’ ongoing three-year promotional unveiling of GTA V. Fans have been curious about the stories behind the game’s seemingly diverse trio of playable characters since day one. Now, we finally learn what these guys are all about through the three-minute trailer just released by Rockstar Games. First, we’ve got Michael whose mid-life crisis is leading him down a Californication-gone-Breaking Bad type of spiral that involves robbing banks and blowing shit up with Franklin and Trevor. Franklin’s story–Cali gangbanger gone straight-laced citizen–is so similar to Carl of San Andreas that it’s not even funny. But Trevor looks to be the character the game’s been missing. This loud-mouth, backwoods thrill seeker is a skilled pilot, lives in a trailer and isn’t afraid to whip his piece out when the opportunity presents itself. This gets excited. When the hell is September 19 going to get here already?